Grace Lee

I remember so vividly the first day I walked into CREATIVE WIGS. I was intimidated and embarrassed, however, I instantly became friends with the staff. That initial feeling of embarrassment, soon turned to fun and excitement. I had a ball with the staff. Since that day I have been back several times! You will not find a better, more personal experience than what is offered at CREATIVE WIGS.


“I live in multiple identities”

I have been living in Australia for more than 25 years. I came out as trans to my close family a couple of years ago. “My partner sometimes gets pissed off because she says that I upstage her, but I am not trying to be a woman, I know I am not a woman. I am a trans woman”. People often relate to me more as a woman, however, when I  present myself as a female, I am open about being trans. What can I say, I like to challenge the preconception of gender.

Meeting new people and having deeper and emotional conversations with them, have helped me to understand and see the world from a broader perspective. As we go through life, our journeys teach us a lot about ourselves. In my journey, I came to realize that I do not want to be defined by my gender. I know that I am not a man, but I know I am not a woman either. Unfortunately, living in a society with very strict rules where you are judged by them everyday, tells you that you have to choose what to be. I am someone who is still trying to work out who I am. My life is quite fluid in terms of my identity, I am just me.

Before coming out, I was involved in cancer activism and I founded a cancer charity. I know that as a middle-aged woman, no one sees me and it makes me feel invisible quite a lot of the time, but that does not stop me wanting to help people with their own journey. Today, I am a counselor and psychotherapist with strong interest in mental health of gender diverse youth. I am on the board of Transgender Victoria and in the Seahorse Organization.

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