Eva Stickland

10 year old Eva and her mother Sarah came to us at Creative Wigs one day, after having been selected for the “Kiis it Better” give away segment on the Matt and Jane Kiis FM radio show.

“Kiis it Better” was created to offer a helping hand to people struggling with a variety of issues.

This was an opportunity for both, us and Kiis FM to join together to change Eva’s life.




Having already been diagnosed with Alopecia when we met her, Eva had already lost all of her long hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Eva’s hair loss had a huge impact on her self esteem, confidence and caused her a high level of anxiety. Socializing was difficult for her, and getting through school every day was a struggle.  She told us that she would wear a pink beanie with pom poms all the time to make herself feel a little better. People have often assumed that Eva was having Chemotherapy and felt sorry for her, whereas in reality, apart from losing her hair, she had always been a very happy and healthy young girl.

After a rough road with the variety of medical treatments she had endured, with much apprehension, Eva finally decided to try a wig.

We saw her eyes immediately light up when she walked into our show room, from just a peak at the hundreds of wigs we have on display.

After having a bit of fun, laughing and trying on a variety of styles and colours, Eva found her perfect hair style.  She said her new hairdo was very similar to her natural hair, and with a huge smile on her face said that she felt like her old self again.

This was the start Eva needed in getting her identity back and feeling like the beautiful girl she is.

A hairdo can make such a difference.

It was and always is a delight being able to help people feel like themselves again, especially such a sweet young girl like Eva.

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