Simone Renton

It’s been twelve years since I first climbed those flights of stairs searching for the hidden show room that would ultimately help create the look of the woman that I am today. 

After finally regaining my breath, I was quickly made to feel at ease and provided with a vast selection of wigs that might suit my requirements. After trying on a few different styles, with the help of Sylvia and the caring family members who run this institution for all things hair, we settled on my new look. I have since been back twice a year and always feel welcomed, reassured and happy.


“I feel complete and happy, like I can do anything!”

My earliest memory of being gender questionable goes back to when I was 6 years old. Growing up was hard, my parents and siblings were not supportive. Other kids seemed to know I was different in some way and I had many fights trying to defend myself. In the end I became self reliant. At 21 I had my first encounter with the opposite sex. I always felt more comfortable with Girls. I was still presenting as male at that time. There was a lot of confusion in my life and after working very hard I managed to save enough to travel. In those days Gender Dysphoria was not generally heard of and I had a real battle trying to understand my self-named dilemma. After two years traveling, I was still unable to find the answers I sought.

I did make some lady friends over this time and eventually fell in love after a particular friendship blossomed.

Life was tough and I tried burying my internal feelings. I eventually married and helped to produce two beautiful children. By this time, computers and the internet come into beginning and I started to learn about myself. When my children had grown into adults, with the support of them and my wife, I looked into this internal knowing that I had been carrying with me for so long.

We eventually consulted a psychologist who confirmed that my inner feelings were not as uncommon as I had thought and has been medically labelled as Gender Dysphoria. Throughout this journey, I’m so grateful for having met and worked with some truly wonderful professionals. All of whom, have really supported my transition and I could not have done this without the loving support of my amazing friends and family. They, as well as prayer and my faith in the Lord, has given me the strength to honor my true self. Now that i am a woman, I feel complete and happy, like I can do anything! And due to this clarity and long, winding road, I have gained the ability to help others in need. 


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