Vascoe Myer

Time:  10:15am – place, “Harold’s Boom-boom”, off Bourke Street.  This is my story and I’m not ashamed to say it:  I was tired, hungry and looking for hair.

Then I saw the sign – I knew in an instant, Creative Wigs would save me from wrack and ruin!

Wearing a wig isn’t always vanity based – sometimes, there are other reasons for follicle support.

Infinite patience, expert product knowledge, wig-fitting expertise and ‘fit-for-purpose’ advice is there for the taking at Creative Wigs:  colour matching to skin tone, accurately gauging an individual’s capacities to care for wigs i.e., man-made fibre versus human hair – easy spray-on conditioners, types of cleaning products – all these elements, effortlessly introduce the novice and experienced wig wearer alike.


“It’s not vanity.  I miss having hair.”

Creative Wigs has 55-years of sharing the love through the luxuriant medium of hair.

In 2010, I apprehensively took the stairs two levels above Swanston Street, in Melbourne City.

Good vibes hugged me the moment I walked through the door at Creative Wigs.  I’d found fun, care and professional assurance.

A phantasmic and staggeringly plentiful array of wigs – glowing like light-refracting hairy gems, radiated upon banks of shelving and boxes.

Mesmerised but at ease, I took a chair and entered into the first of many gratifying Creative Wigs consultations.

Intensive chemotherapy and other chronic illness removed my natural hair.

Like most things in life, I didn’t realise the emotional investment I’d placed in living with long hair, until it had gone.

I missed liberating my hair in the wind, it’d boosted my energies – carefree as a child, swinging on a swing.

Hair and health had boarded the next Greyhound leaving town; I’d become a pasty looking badly-locks – accusingly glaring back at me should I happen in an unguarded moment to chance a glance in some random, reflective surface.

Now-adjusted, daily grooming adjustments fed my ever-burgeoning hair loss insecurities – I’d banished mirrors and learnt to shave my face and head under the shower, gauging stubble and weft with fingertips whilst carefully guiding my wet blade.

Illness speedily diminished me to a clump of base molecules, erasing capacity or inclination to accept a rapidly developing bowling-ball cranium.

Nary an eyebrow is raised, never a hint of negativity nor the harsh vibe of judgement or a hurried sale, at Creative Wigs.

If – for any reason, you betray an unease about your hair:

  • desire new hairstyles
  • require cosmetic assistance transitioning genders
  • illness has ravaged your crowning glory
  • a whim,

Creative Wigs will engage you – nurture you, in an alchemy of undetectable wig wearing!

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