The Creative Journey is a new project that we are undertaking at Creative Wigs. In all our years involved in this industry, we have noticed the amazing difference that the simple act of finding a wig can make in the lives of all sorts of people.

Our blog will contain profiles of our customers who will share their personal and powerful stories of how or why wigs have become involved in their life. It will also look into how their work and/or life has been enhanced through finding comfort through the doors of Creative Wigs and a ‘look’ that feels right.

Our ultimate intention with this project, is to allow our clients the opportunity to express themselves in whichever way feels right, in the hope, to spread their stories far and wide to reach others who may be struggling with similar issues.

We hope to establish a community whereby everyone with a relationship to ‘hair’ will know that they are not alone in their personal journey.

If this is something that you feel you may like to contribute to, in whichever way you choose, we would love to welcome you into The Creative Journey. You can decide how and what you want to share. This can also be anonymous if you prefer to leave your name out.

We would also like to post your story together with a photo of you in/with your wig/s (we can get ‘creative’ to keep this anonymous if you prefer).